Photos and videos should be more than just something to look at, they should create a reaction. 

Looking at photos or movies should make you smile, give you a warm fuzzy feeling of love,  joy at  remembering the past. Your old VCR or movie projector don't work so you can't watch the old family movies. You haven't made any recent photos of family or friends lately.  

Let me see if I can help.

Films and Video Digitizing


Hidden in boxes up in the attic or the corner of a closet are jewels stored away. I am now able to convert those old 8mm films and video tapes to digital and put them on DVD's.  Laugh and cry at those days gone by with your family and friends as you watch yesterday.....

Grown and Gone


Family members have passed on, the kids are grown and gone out on their own with their own families. Dig out those old photos and home movies or videos and look back at those memories that guided your path to today. Put those old photos on Disc as a slideshow and share the memories.